Physical Therapy/Sports Massage

I'm excited to announce a new addition to our services that I believe will greatly benefit many of you: Neuromuscular Therapy. 

Neuromuscular Therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy that focuses on the treatment of soft tissue pain and injury. Whether you're dealing with chronic muscle pain, sports-related injuries, or general discomfort, Neuromuscular Therapy can provide targeted relief and promote healing.

January 2024 Timetable

January Timetable is available for booking,New Mixed Level Class on Saturdays @10.15am

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are now available from the online shop. In units of €65 for 5 classes, €115 for 10 classes and €200 for 20 classes.

7pm Morning Class

You can book into any class you prefer.  
Early Morning class 7am on a Wednesday for 45mins.
Gentle Pilates class 11.30am on Saturday mornings.
Mixed Level Pilates class at 6pm on Tuesdays.
 Book there.

Download the app to book and cancel at any time.




Do you need a soft ball for your home practice?

You can purchase a 7in Pilates soft ball in the studio. €8 each.

Grippy Socks for Sale

Gym/Yoga/Pilates Socks

Socks are for sale in the studio. 2 pairs for €6

Online Classes are Back

Online class on a Tuesday evening at 7.15pm. Live via Zoom.

Gift Vouchers

Select any cash value, this will be taken off any purchase for any Pilates Class.
Perfect Gift

New Timetable for 2023

I have added a new Mixed Level Class to Wednesday Mornings. This class is at 7am sharp and is for 45mins. Just what you need to wake you up in the morning! 

There is a new Beginners Class on a Wednesday Morning at 10am. And new Saturday Classes for Strength & Tone. Two classes now on at 9.30am and 10.30am. 

Studio Classes are Back!

New Studio opening for in-person classes in September 2022.  New location is next to LaNu, M1 Retail Park, Drogheda (Next to Woodies).

Morning and Evening class will be back.  Watch this space for timetable and booking link.
I cannot wait to welcome you are back to classes, whether you are regular or new to my classes.  

Flexible Booking

No need to stick to the same class each week. You can book into any class, time or level that suits you using the Northeast Pilates App.


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Booking Platform

Dear students,

We are changing our online booking platform and switching to bsport, the new generation booking platform.

On this occasion, I invite you to follow the instructions below to register on your new application and book your next lessons now.