Beginners Pilates moves that will ease your back pain: No equipment required.

Beginners - 20 Min class

Beginners 20 min class with equipment options.

Push Up 

In this video there are 4 levels, from very easy to more difficult.  Find the one that you like the most and repeat 4-5 times. Once done you can find your way down to the mat and try the next move.This moves is good for the mobility through the spine and strengthen through the back as you perform the press up. 

Swimming in Prone

Swimming move is a really nice move to do to strengthen your back muscles. Repeat 5-6 on each side and there is a lovely big stretch at the end. 

Roll Up

Roll Up is one of those moves that you can take where ever you want. You can start off nice and gentle then take it to other levels as you head down further to the mat. Make sure you use your breathe to help you on the way up or grab  the back of your legs if you are struggling.Repeat as often as you like 8-10 times. This move is great for mobility for the spine and strength in the abdominals.

Shoulder Bridge

This is a really great exercise to stretch out that tight feeling in your lower back. You can start is a pelvic tilt, pushing your spine into the mat and then releasing it. Your back should spring back into a neutral position. Do this move as many times as you like. Thinking about where your back in landing on the mat each time.